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Quraishia 'Reecie' Ford

QB- Photo-sq.jpg
creative photographer

HI! I am Quraishia Ford (she/her) - though I most often go by Reecie. I am a multi-talented artist based out of Washington DC. 

My work is heavily photography based. Growing up, we always took pictures - they were crappy snapshots on cheap cameras, but we always had pictures from everything. Holidays, beach trips, afternoons at a playground, uneventful days at home, everything. I fell in love with the idea of stopping time and preserving memories. Memories of events, people, and even feelings. That's what I love most about photography - photos make us feel. They can remind us of better times or show us of how far we've come. Sometimes they make us happy and sometimes we can't stand to look, but that's the power of photography. It freezes a moment and the images take you there.

I have been photographing professionally since 2007 in an array of environments from momentous milestones to brand aesthetics. I capture the feelings of joy and love by making my subjects feel comfortable enough in front of the camera so they feel free and open. I aim to make people feel happy, even if it's just during their time in front of my camera.

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